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[QUOTE=CodyBird;4234164]Hi, I also looking for support group to share my experiences and frustrations with. You are married or in a relationship with a bipolar individual,,,,,correct? If that is the case please let me know of any websites etc that have helped you deal with your partners behaviours. I have been married to a bipolar wife for 10 years. I am 40 years old and she is 38. Her behaviours began to surface about 5 years into the relationship. I never really thought that she was sick. But after several wreckless episodes it was clear that she was either really depressed or unhappy or just really bipolar. We have 2 sons together and they dont understand anything about this. I have been the one that has buried alot of grief to keep my family together. I am pretty much growing weary now and dont know what else to do. I am from Austin, Texas and I really need to find a support group for myself or perhaps even both my wife and I to attend. All of this stresss has really started to take a toll on me and I dont know what to do anymore. ....Can anyone give me advice where to meet with others spouses in these same cirmcumstances. I think that it would help me to vent some of my thoughts and feelings. And for someone to point me to professional help.....[/QUOTE]

I understand how you're feeling.. I'm from Malaysia and this illness is not well accepted by the public. It will be great if there is a kinda counselling/support group who can help us deal with this.
I went thru hell for the past year, when my husband stopped taking/refused to take his medication. Then he started drinking and got abusive, even in front of the kids. I have 2 children, a girl aged 9 and a boy aged 7.
I had to get him into the hospital wth the help of police many times, only to be discharged after a few days. Cos the doctor didnt find anything wrong with him. I'm not sure about your wife, but somehow, my husband is manupulative. No one out there will know that he has a problem, accept his family members. His recent attack was the worse of all. He drank everday, had increased sexual appetite and spent so much money, including maximising his credit cards! It was so bad, that I was going thru a depression myself. If not for the kids, I would not be around to tell my story.
[QUOTE=CodyBird]Can anyone give me advice where to meet with others spouses in these same cirmcumstances.[/QUOTE]Cody, because you are in Austin, you might try calling the psych dept. at the Univ. of Texas there in town -- and speak with one of the professors to see if he knows of a good support group and therapist having skills with treating bipolar patients. You could also try calling the psych wing of the teaching hospital associated with the univ. You will also need for your W to be evaluated by a psychiatrist in order to get medication. Bipolar is primarily treated with medication because it arises from a chemical imbalance.

A psychologist (who, unlike a psychiatrist, cannot prescribe medication) will be helpful for addressing the behaviorial problems that the disorder has given rise to. The good news is that for the vast majority of cases, this disorder can be very successfully treated by medication -- if they determine that bipolar is what your W is suffering from. [QUOTE=jackiePereira;4265832]My husband is manipulative. No one out there will know that he has a problem, accept his family members.[/QUOTE]Jackie, if your H can turn his abusive and impulsive behavior on and off like a switch (depending on whether non-family members are present), he may be suffering from BPD (borderline personality disorder) instead of bipolar -- or from both. Bipolar (which my foster son has) causes mood changes that typically last a couple of weeks because it is caused by a gradual change in body chemistry.

In contrast, BPD (which my exW has) is event-triggered -- usually by something you say or do. Hence, an abusive episode can start in 15 seconds and typically will last about 5 hours -- but a high functioning BPDer usually can hide it well when around doctors, strangers, business colleagues, and casual friends. If this sounds familiar to you and you would like to discuss BPD further, I would be glad to participate if you decide to start a new thread.

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