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[QUOTE=digmusic;4145606]oh my god!!! This is even worse than I thought! What a jerk, and a crazy one... I'd call him something much worse if I was allowed to on here... did you find out from him or someone else that he had a girlfriend? I mean, suicide??? What kind of person is that manipulative? Couldn't he just have said he wasn't ready for a relationship or some kind of calm b.s. story? God...[/QUOTE]

oh my gosh i know! HAHA i actually found out because i went to his networking site, just to see how he was you know since he claimed he was suicidal. he actually deleted me from this 2 weeks ago when he started to ignore me, so it was private. but anyways, for some reason when i got on from my phone, it showed his mood status and his relationship status which said "In a relationship with ... ..."

i was so angry because he straight up lied to me about being mentally ill. that is just, really not something to kid about. i shouldnt have, but i sent him a text and said i hoped his girlfriend knew how big of a douchebag he was, and that karma was a *****. i shouldnt of said anything but i did and then deleted everything. all his text messages, and his numbers etc. i got my answer, so i was finally able to erase him from my life!!!! you would think, it would be a lot easier to just say there was someone else, vs completely ignoring me, then lying about being unstable. most bizarre situation i have ever heard of, none the less, been a part of.

for some reason this guy really got to me. i have never been so worked up about someone blowing me off... i think it may have been because he seriously led me on like he wanted to seriously be with me. everything about him was "perfect" and i instantly fell for him. i have learned now, if everything is absolutely perfect, something must be wrong. unfortunately.

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