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[QUOTE=trystme;4145116]Something similar happened to me when I was young. This guy I met at a party and I really hit it off. There was awesome chemistry between us. We ended up going out plenty of times and then on the last date that we had we had sex. After that he never contacted me again. I finally broke down and called him myself. He told me that he couldn't date me anymore because our political views were so different. He said that it was important to his conservative family that he date someone conservative and that I was too liberal. I totally thought that was BS, but I just figured that he got what he wanted with the sex and that is why he was done with me. Later, by accident, I found out that he had a girlfriend the whole time and that he was cheating on her with me.[/QUOTE]

ugh that is awful!!!!!! im sorry you had that happen to you... its such a horrible feeling. coming to realize when you were really into someone, the feelings werent mutual & you were just being played. i know i shouldnt let one guy ruin it for me, but because of the last relationship had, and the incident that happen recently, makes me just not want a boyfriend. i know that there is a great guy i will meet, but when something happens like that its like maybe its fate telling me that im just not ready. i think everything happens for a reason, so i try to be positive about each experience. even though bad.

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