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[QUOTE=nobodyknows;4144910]i'm glad you found out the truth.
the older & more experienced you get, the easier it will be to just "know"....and there's no need to diagnose yourself as having some sort of mental problem just because you're trying to get a handle on what went on in your own personal life.
really i think you have pretty good instincts anyway b/c you came to these boards wanting to know if his story made sense so obviously you knew it didn't totally make sense, you're smart![/QUOTE]

thank you!!! :) i do like to believe i have some sense & the situation was just completely bizarre because of how interested he made himself to be. i do feel like i have OCD in some cases, such as this because i couldnt let it go until i had answers. although i wanted to, believe me. i wanted to just forget the whole thing!!! i appreciate those taking the time to respond!!! really i do :wave:

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