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I haven't read through all the responses, so I don't know if I'll be repeating others' comments, but... you can't control pheromones! It's totally subtle too; it's not like a woman would ever say "hmm, well he seems nice and all, but I don't think we have good pheromone chemistry". I mean these things are so subtle that heterosexual men are more attracted to the scent of a good-looking women than a not good-looking women, and they prefer the smell of women over gay men, whereas gay men prefer the smell of other gay men over the smell of a good-looking woman. This is just science. Your best bet is to focus on other things, like making sure your date is relaxed and comfortable, etc. However, my boyfriend does wear "game day" body wash from some manly washing company, I forget which, and it does make me go kinda wild. Also some vanilla and lavender stuff from some bath and body place that his Mom got him makes me want to eat him as well. I'd wear some good-smelling body wash but NOT heavy cologne - that makes some people sick, plus it comes across as "trying too hard" in my opinion. Just make sure you smell fresh and you'll be fine!

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