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Hi girls
I wonder if you can help....

My boyfriend of 7 months has recently become distant...he gets moody whenever I try to talk to him about the relationship even when he is in the wrong and will stay in a mood all day even tho he may hold my hand and be outwardly affecitionate.

Now he has started withholding sex from me as we only see each other twice a week we usually have it when we are together but last time he wasnt interested and just wanted to cuddle me when I asked him if he was going off me he said of course not but that he was still upset about what I said that morning just dont undersatnd

He had gone away for the weekend to see his friends to play these war games and I asked him why he seemed pre occupied and he said he realised he didnt have any motivation in the game anymore nad was worried about telling his friends.

On top of this no plans have been made for new year even tho we re spending it together.

Any ideas?


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