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Background: We have been married almost 20 years. My husband is depressed (his mom was bipolar). He is on celexa. He sees a therapist 4 times a week, we see someone together once a week and I see someone twice a week (so you'd think we have plenty support!). He is also a sex addict.

For the last couple of weeks we both feel terrible. He has hurt me (the addicition part). Badly. But can't (or won't) talk about it. He has build a wall around him and even though we know how to talk about this, he won't. I know he needs a hug and he needs me to say we will be ok. But I can't because I am not sure we will be ok this time. The kids (4 of them) are suffering too.

So. I could do with some advice. I have nothing to offer (he has asked me to give him examples of how to make me feel better, but none of them work (e.g. It would be nice if you could remember that we need to be at X at 4pm..) as he isn't able to give me anything. So he has nothing to offer and I have nothing to offer. Quite a bind huh?

He has made an appointment with his psychiatrist for Monday (I have asked him for weeks to consider making an appointment, would have made one for him if I had thought that would have been a good idea (it isn't), so maybe his meds need adjusting.

I am angry and I feel hopeless (contemplating divorce even). He feels terrible and unhappy. Now what?


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