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I have asked him. In particular with the coworker he was training I asked how his cheating came up in conversation. He said that they spent all day together and it just came up. I have asked him how he always seems to know when someone is cheating and he will just make a joke about him looking trustworthy or something to that effect. He was quick to tell me about the whole Tiger Woods drama too and when I said I wasn't really surprised because it seems like all men cheat nowadays he made it a point to say that he doesn't/wouldn't.

I don't really have any reason to suspect that he is cheating on me... but all of this does make me wonder if he is thinking about cheating on me.. It seems like all his friends in relationships cheat. One of his good friends is in the process of buying a house with his girlfriend and my boyfriend said to me the other day how he doesn't understand why he would buy a house with her when he cheats on her and has told him that he is just settling for her because it is too much effort to start another 'real' relationship (not the flings he has with other girls). I have read before that men with friends that cheat are more likely to cheat themselves. I don't think he has even one friend that has not cheated on his girlfriend/wife. I am kind of worried that this will 'normalize' cheating for him. I have been somewhat suspicious with his preoccupation with the subject of cheating for awhile now but reading the email about 'sexy girls' really has me worried. I would rather not confront him about the email because I shouldn't have read it.

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