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My ex and I were together for over 2 years before we broke up in August. I always thought (and still do) think he is the One. We broke up because of distance, fighting and he also wasn't being such a great boyfriend. We decided to remain friends. He tried and tried to get me back...I finally gave in, then he decides that we should see other people, and that he needs to focus on work and saving money. I was so angry at that point that I agreed. (this was in september.)
In October I met a new guy through a friend. He is really nice and treats me well. We've been dating for about 2 months now. He likes me a lot and wants us to start dating exclusively. I like him also but I still love my ex.
My ex knows about this guy and is not happy. He is once again trying to get me back. He says he never meant anything he said about seeing other people and he knows he made a mistake and is sorry. He wants to take me to his parents for xmas and has already bought me gifts and promises to change.
I still love my ex very much but I'm not sure if I can trust him again not to hurt me. He seems like he really is sorry but should I really give up a chance to be with someone else for my ex??

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