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Hey, I'm a new user so bear with me if I don't follow any posting rules. My bad.
So my girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and two and months (well two months on the 28th). We are both high school seniors and will be attending college next fall. This post isn't about wondering about whether we'll make it through college. We both believe we will. The distance won't matter either (I'll be attending Boston University while she will most likely be attending UPenn). The problem is that over the summer last year, my girlfriend's mother had a talk with her about the future of her and me. My girlfriend's mom said that she's not comfortable with us having a future together (getting married etc.) without us dating other people in college. She said she won't support the marriage. My girlfriend tells me that we should both date other people. She said it only has to be first dates. Nothing serious. At first, I thought we would only be doing this to appease her mother which I was (somewhat) OK with. I mean, I'd prefer to just not have to date anyone else. I'm a fan of exclusivity.
Anyway, now she's telling me that it's a good idea and that she's doing it for her and I should do it for me. I don't want to do it and it hurts me that she actually wants to. The thing is, I don't even know if I could bring myself to date another person. Even if it was just a first date.
So, I'm trying to not sound like a clueless kid but what should I do? Should I get off my high horse and go with it? Or should I continue to try and convince her otherwise? She says she needs her mother's blessing and, I don't know, it hurts that she's choosing her mother's happiness over mine. I can't make an ultimatum because she's made it clear that she needs her mother's blessing or we can't be together. I don't have the same regard for my parents (I'd marry her with or without my parent's consent) so I feel like she's choosing them over me.
I've dealt with this alone for a while so I figured I'd post her to get some other's take on the situation. Thank you so much!

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