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Is he interested?
Dec 29, 2009
I know this guy who I was stationed with back in Nellis AFB. We never really talked, just said good morning or good afternoon. He was married and I was single. A year later he got stationed in DC and I got stationed in NJ. One day I get an email from him saying that my gurl told him I was stationed with him before and he wasnt so sure he knew me. By this time I already got married and he divorced lol. So we were getting to know each other and I was already planning on getting a divorce before he even emailed me. Then I found out i was pregnant (no not from him but from my then husband and stopped talking to him. A year later I decided to email him to see how he's been. He emails right back and we havent' stopped since then (so about 3 weeks now). He wants to come up and visit me for a week but my only concern is that we haven't even talked on the phone. Last year when he first emailed me we used to talk on the phone but now he says he doesnt like talking on the phone and he always takes forever to text me or email me back. I mean I can understand if he is busy cuz he is in the USAF HONOR GUARD but the whole thing about him not wanting to talk on the phone cuz he doesnt like it makes me think he may be hiding somethin. He told me he doesnt like to lie and cheat that he grew out of that phase and now he just wants a women. but how can you get to know someone solely by emails and text messages? Am I trippin? Is he playing hard to get? Im so confused.What do you think? :confused:

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