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[QUOTE=EDC_Light;4185340]Yes, when I moved into the new place, it came with free internet, so I got a computer asap.

I really WAS shocked by what she said. Shocked that someone would fail to remember history. Fail to do all they could to make things work. Her husband may have not been the perfect husband, but he deserved to be given every chance to do what he could to keep it working.

I once told my friend that I respected her for keeping the relationship going, getting help [professional], and moving forward in their lives, during their past troubles when they seperated. I respected it because she gave him another chance, and HE gave HER another chance [for all the guys. . . and girls. . . she slept with during their seperation]. I respected it because my own ex never gave me one bit of a second chance, . . . and I was always good to her.

So, now that my friend has given up on the relationship, and reverted back to her old ways, . . . even being careless with this new guy, . . . . I am SO disappointed in her. So, shocked, . . . .most definitely. Mostly just disappointed.[/QUOTE]

I can relate to you totaly and I feel sorry for here she is missing some of the best parts of life, before you become old and gray like me. I know a women who stayed with her husband but acts more like a wife to her son. Sometimes no matter what you say, doesn't help them see the picture. The woman even took 18 year old son to Aruba on she and husbands second honey moon, because as she puts it her husband is boring. Good luck, don't let it ruin your life. You have been the best part of her life.

A friend,

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