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[B][FONT="Georgia"]My husband and I have been together since December 2006 and we got married in March 2009. At first, I relationships was great! I was working full-time and he was attending college. Then after our daughter was born, He started acting different. Watching and purchasing porn, Always picking a fight about little things and he was constantly unemployed most of your relationship. My income was enough (thank god) to live in a clean apartment, utilities paid and food and clothes. We moved to his hometown and now I am home with the kids and he is working. Ever since we moved here, he has acting like its his way or the highway. Now that he is the only one working. He was never this way when I was the one supporting us.....

We don't have a car at the moment so I mainly get around thru the bus or his family. He doesn't want me taking the bus (because he doesn't know when I will exactly get back).

When the kids want something, he always tell me to do it while he is on the computer or sleeping..And if I talk back...he always throw in my face "Well, I work and you stay home and do nothing"

I think we all know that taking care of two kids (4 and 2) is hardwork...(even if you are at home). I clean, cook, do laundy, take them to doctor visits, grocery shopping, pay the bills. I feel more like a live-in nanny who is sleeping with the boss than a wife.

He can't remember my birthday...Our anniversary is on 03/17/09 and I highly doubt that he will remember it. But he can recall the girls birthday (which is great!)

He spends more time with his daughter than he does me or my daughter. In the Bible, its states not to put anybody in front of God and nobody in front of your wife. I know she a child but I'm not asking for a lot. I just want some alone time..while they are sleeping.

He constantly wants to watch movies when he gets home and THAT'S IT!! I wanna cuddle in the dark with no distractions but NOOOO he says that's boring!!

He talks to me like I'm a kid..Always constant "tell me things" that I already know but he says them just to feel like he is in control

IF I would of know that my husband was this way, I WOULD OF NEVER MARRIED HIM. Now I'm at a crossroad but there is no way that he is going to change. I talked to his younger sisters, uncles, aunts and they tell me all the stories that he has done and been thru

I feel trapped. I constantly ask him "why did he marry me if he is going to act like a jerk and treat me any of kind of way??" I mean, I left a nice apt in a safe neighborhood, my FT job were I was making 15+ an hour with excellent benefits to come and live down here in this small 2BD/1BA apt that should be torn down. I feel like such an idiot to give up all that for somebody who doesn't seem all into the relationship like he should be'

I want to leave so bad..I deserve better. I feel like im going backwards and I have always went forward with my life

Confused and Hurt[/FONT][/B]

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