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I think the problem here is your boyfriend, not your breast size. Openly staring at other women's breasts is immature and disrespectful to you and the women he is staring at. If you stared at other men's pecs and crotches while you were out with your boyfriend I'm sure he would feel insecure and disrespected to.

There are men who like big boobs, and equally men who like small boobs. There are men who like an athletic body and men who like a softer, curvier body. Everyone has their own preference in what they find attractive in the opposite sex. To say that all guys love big boobs is completely false, as is saying all women love huge arms and big pecs. I suspect that the sources you consulted about men's preferences were guys mags like maxim or something similar. Well, those guys are pigs who wouldn't know how to treat a flesh and blood woman properly so they choose to masturbate over a picture of an airbrushed model. Don't value their opinions, they are not worth your time or energy!

In the end, once you get past the physical aspects of a person, what you have is their personality, intelligence, humour, consideration for others, and all the other qualities that make up that person. And if you truly love someone for who they are, you love how they look. You won't mind that your boyfriend has a un-toned tummy, or that your girlfriend has small breasts or big breasts that sag a bit. You'll think they are beautiful and love every but of them and they will be the most beautiful person in the world. This is how you will feel when you are truly in love with someone. If your boyfriend is blatantly doing things to make you feel insecure about yourself then he does not love you or respect you. He is immature and needs to learn a great deal about life and what loving a woman means. May I ask how old he is? He sounds very young.

I would firmly suggest that you break up with this guy and take some time to learn how to love and accept yourself and your body. I think you could benefit from some counseling to build up your self esteem. You need to learn that people who don't show you respect and consideration have no place in your life, be they friends or lovers.

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