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[QUOTE=beadle;4163218]I The lapdance thing is stupid. Where does he find these people? There are nice guys out there. And what is he doing using viagra? He sounds young from his actions.

The lap dance thing was SOO stupid. Here we were at his best friend's 50th birthday party. And this skanky woman is the girlfriend of my boyfriend's past room mate. (he used to rent out a room in his house). His ex roomie is a total nut case loser. He and this woman showed up at the party. Things got a bit crazy and next thing I know she has her top off, gyrating all over his best friend. He (my boyfriend was in another room missed the whole thing, lucky for me.

My boyfriend is 54 this year and I'm 40. I have to agree, he has so LOSER friends. I like some of them, but do not like others. He swears to god he is not like his friends. But I suppose the company he keeps is yet another reason I feel insecure at times.

I appreciate your opinion and advice!

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