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interestingly enough, we celebrate 6 years of marriage in a few months and I happen to trust him NOW more then I did when we first got married. He has always been home when I called, not once has he gone out and had a "boys night out" while Ive been gone...and Ive always been glad to get home to his arms and our bed...

Point? Trust your man...or walk away now. You have to give trust to get trust and in order for any partnership to work, it takes ALOT of work and 2 people making committments. Dont waste precious phone time crying- dont push him away because you are worried and scared of "what ifs". Its true that if you accuse someone of doing something- they might as well be doing it. No one wants that in their life and if you dont show him love and appreciation , he will do what you pray he ISNT doing anyway....youll lose him.


But your post is a bit two fold. You say trust or walk away now, but admit that you have grown into trusting your husband more now than 6 years ago.

I completely agree with making sure the boyfriend understands how she feels. But she already trust him, she's just made insecure when she has to listen to his list of activities with the other women.

I think she can have the same situation you have. The basic trust is there but the relationship needs to mature. I personally don't like this work husband stuff. And I understand the concern. The most devoted can fall if they are given opportunity after opportunity. To the OP, I think you are inflating the bond this is creating. But I also agree you need to share how you feel with your BF in a calm way so that he understands where you are at with this. He may be very willing to change if he understands the reason you're asking (not demanding) him too.

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