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I disagree with contacting him. Haven't you tried a few times already and gotten no response? If he doesn't believe he owes you "closure" then he won't respond and you'll get crushed once again. Why put yourself through that torture? He knows how to get ahold of you if he wants to...the fact that he hasn't says that either something major is going on in his life (which means he can't contact you) or he doesn't want to man up.

I disagree with having a friend call and make up a lame story. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that it's you trying to find him, and it would just make you look like you have been sitting around desperately waiting for him to call (even if you have, why should he know about it??) and are resorting to desperate measures. And what if your friend did get ahold of him? That won't make him call you. It might make you feel worse that he's answering the phone for someone else but not answering your calls!

At least it was only 4 dates...think if you'd dated him for months and thought this guy was your future and then this happened.

And BTW, guys say all kinds of beautiful things to women to get what they want, or to look like the good guy. Like I said before, my ex was sleeping with his nephew's GF while telling me he loved me and never wanted anything to break us up. Maybe this guy wants to keep you available to him if he decides to show back up once in a while. Who knows. This stuff happens sometimes and it sucks, but they're not all like that. It's just a sucky part of life, but we can get through it!

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