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Living in doubt and anxiety is no way to live. Your boyfriend should be able to talk on the phone and go about his business without you giving it a second thought. The only thing you should be worried about is if he will get home safely when he's out, or that his phone is charged so you can call him to ask him to pick up some milk! If you're obsessing over what he's up to and who he's talking to, then there are serious issues that you need to work through:

1. You are so scarred from your previous relationships that even if you meet a kind and loyal man you are at risk of sabotaging it with your suspicions

2. There may be concrete reason for your suspicions in your current relationship. Whether or not his relationship with his ex is purely innocent or not is not for us to say. In any case it's driving you nuts and it needs to be sorted.

Is your boyfriend easy to talk to and honest with you generally? Has he proven himself to be reliable and loyal to you in other respects?

I would sit him down and have a heart to heart with him. Be honest and let him know that you find his relationship with his ex inappropriate. Whether it is innocent or not I can understand your frustration. I wouldn't like it if my bf was in constant contact with an ex, even though I trust my bf implicitly not to cheat. It would just annoy me and I would find it disrespectful to me. So see if you can explain your feelings in a calm and honest way, don't get upset or accuse him of anything. If he has nothing to hide and he is committed to building a future with you then you should be able to move on from this. If not, well, then I would doubt the innocence of his relationship with the ex.

In any case, I think you would really benefit from some therapy to help you to come to terms with your past experiences and restore your ability to trust again.

Let us know how it works out, and all the best!! :wave:

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