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The comment about your age was a very off color bad comment. He'll probably say he was just kidding but it was in bad taste and mean. I doubt, however, it has anything to do with his sexual preferences, or indicating he prefers young girls. I bet he said that because he got turned down for sex and he was feeling insecure so he said something mean to drop you down a notch, a power play. Very immature, and I would have issue with that.

But the bigger deal I think is his reaction when you told him about the abuse. I would have been hurt if my boyfriend said "well, he appologized." I would feel like he doesnt understand abuse and the effects.

I think another poster mentioned thas already- I would talk to him about it. Tell him that his comment has stuck with you, and you need him to understand that a simple appology does not or can not erase the damage that your dad did. You need your fiance's support and empathy, you certainly don't need him to be defending the abuser. He probably did not even to, bit it felt like that to you.

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