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My daughter has been dating a sociopath - We've had 12 months of this - I cannot imagine how "writeleft' and all of you have maintained your sanity for decades of this behavior. This young man was verbally, mentally and physically abusive for starters. This alone is like you all would agree - foreign to the way you conduct yourselves. Am I right?
The heartache and agonizing worry that her relationship with the guy has made an already trying time in our personal lives, even harder. She finally did report him to the cops for the physical abuse, but they arrested him for growing marijuana in their apartment and now it looks like he isn't going to be able to talk his way out of a prison term. He trashed the apartment, our car - we replaced the front windshield, because he ripped the rearview mirror off and shattered the windshield in a rage. Nice. He used my daughter (She really thought, this was going to be a good thing for her- don't they all) to get apartments (2) in her name, as his credit is shot, not to mention he doesn't actually work himself, he's a musician and honestly - very talented - but that is another story altogether. He has constantly tried to 'convince' us that he has changed - for the better. Words, just words. I don't hate him, although it would be very easy to. My daughter *21 , is living with us once again, after he caused her to loose all four jobs she managed to get while they were together. A stalker and lier extroardnaire he is. He is on meds for his illness, (bipolar) and when he feels better - he sells the pills and the cycle begins again. I suppose that bipolar is similar to sociopath? You guys thoughts on that? I don't want to draw the conversation away from the original post - but I believe I can relate in many ways to what you all have been going through.
We took our daughter's car away, we were advised to do this by a family counselor, who works with battered and abused women. Such a hard thing to say about my daughter - that she chose this. It seems that guys like this one, look for sweet, fun young women, with their own transportation as their means to continue on with their on sad lives. Once that avenue is gone, things quickly become more clear as to his true intentions. He has no boundaries, arriving at our home at 1:45 a.m., ringing the doorbell, demanding to speak with the daughter. My husband - the most peaceful man I know, was more than irked about that. Enough already. I could go on and on, but wonder if a bipolar person could also be a sociopath? Their actions are very similar? Is this young guy *24, actually a sociopath and not bipolar, or possibly both? Just when we think he is out of our lives, he creeps back in. I realize my daughter also needs help for staying with him so long. However, victims often identify with their tormentors. It is so true? Sigh

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