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You know, I am really glad I had come across this site. I myself believe down to the core of my heart that I have a step daughter that has all the makings of a sociopath. It was a challenge for me at first to target her behavior as it was easier to blame it on teenage rebellion. I really fell for this child as she made it so easy in the beginning to take her into my heart as my own, but I quickly found out she knew that is what I wanted. At the time of this writing she is 19. When I first met her she was 15 and moved in with us from her dads care in another state some distance away from us thank goodness... I quickly noticed odd behavior but did my best to advise her and teach how good behavior will be rewarded. It all backfired. Every bit of it. She soon would try to align her mother against me and her other family members against me saying awful things. And because there was no easy way to verify things people began to believe the lies, but never reached out to confirm. I think down deep they new differently as there are some that reveal some of her patterns of lies, but not enough. Basically, it was making me angry beyond belief. I was so hurt. Soon, she was trying to get my own family members aligned against me and that did it for me. Her mom my wife new the amount of pain it was causing me to the point where I didn't want to be apart of it anymore. I didn't want my wife to choose between me and her daughter and told her I thought it best to let me go. She didn't want to, but I knew it was hard for her. Her daughter did everything in her power to disable her mother by using guilt of all kinds. Finally, by the time she turned 18 and was caught with lie after lie after lie we had enough. She was given the opportunity to own up to her lies or out the door you go. Well, she played hard ball and so did we and out the door she went. I was very proud of my wife for finding the power inside to do it. We did hope that after some time she would get a grip on things and want to make things better. But, no... She moved in with a friend and manipulated that family quickly playing the victim and spreading her lies there too. I tried to warn the family but they were just taken in. Well, it didn't take long and she was given the boot. We never got the full story there as I feel the family felt shame in believing her, but such the story goes with a sociopath. She then landed at the doorstep of my wife's prior husbands family and that didn't last long either. After that she found a new boyfriend and landed at his family's house. It worked long enough there to get her out of high school. At least she got a degree even though she got away with murder there time after time. The school wrote her a pass for having such a sad pathetic life and I feel just wanted her out of their hair as a whole. Problem here is no accountability. These people (sociopaths) are so hard to call out without dealing with their wrath. I can't stand that. I'm not perfect, but do my best to be a descent person and do good by others. Anyway, she has now currently moved back to the state where her father lives along with my wife's family. She had moved in with my wife's mother. These people (sociopaths) do not stay in any one spot for long. She has moved so many times within family and friends circles we have lost count. We never really had an idea of what was all being said about us with her boyfriends family as they never reached out to us. We believed the child worked it that way. To be fair, we were just glad she was out and did hope for the best. We were not completely sure why she was moving back with family and her moving in with my wife's mother presented some problems. My wife's mother has health problems of her own putting her in a vulnerable state to her granddaughters ways. Unfortunately it did cause us to abstain from the family as the choices they were making for her fell right into the child's lap getting everything she wanted and being rewarded with a car etc. as she played the victim. It was just too much drama and we knew we just had to let them figure it all out. IT will take time... Things have come to light, but the denial cloud is too thick and until people stop making excuses for her behavior all the problems will continue. What has just come to light is that the girls boyfriend had come to our door just this past week with the kids stuff. They had just broke up which opened the door for us to exchange information about all that had happened and an opportunity for us to clear the air. It felt really good. We talked to the boyfriends mom and she was floored by the kids treatment in the end as she turned on her so quickly after being called out on certain behaviors. She owed her so much money and had lied about a great deal of things that even her mother my wife was just so disturbed by. So, to say the least we have for the first time some true confirmation of the child's devious ways and that can help down the road as I video taped the whole conversation as possible protection for us down the road. In the end, I don't think there is anything that can be done for the child. I have a good idea she knows something is wrong with her as what I have found out that sociopaths have an abnormality in their brains that didn't allow for the full development of the center of the brain that deals with conscious. Sad, but not much anyone can really do about it. I hope others out there can relate. I know I said allot here, but honestly it's just a mere speck to everything in between. So, I feel for the pure hell what people are going through like the gentleman that wrote before me with his 18 year old. He is an adult now. If it is needed to get that boy out than don't let your remorse of such a decision get in the way of your better judgment. Make people aware of your situation that you trust of what has to happen. It's that protection mode you are now in that has to govern your thoughts and actions. It's the chess game you are forced to play now to be very wise in all our moves and what you say, do and don't do. I feel for your pains, but grow strength from knowing you are not alone.

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