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Lisa is one of my best friends. We live a couple of hours away, and talk every day on the phone, for the past 8 years. She still lives in my hometown, and I moved away.

I dated one guy, Matt, from my home town long ago, and I've been married for many years, to John. Matt and I had a very sad break up long ago, almost like the break up from the Movie the Notebook. Lisa has been in three to four relationships over the years. She has currently had a serious boyfriend for 2 years, but they live separtely, and he's out of town a lot.

Whenever Lisa sees anyone we used to know from school (from 20 years ago), she tells me all about them. A few weeks ago, I mentioned Matt (my only ex) to her.

She said Matt could be sweet, and sometimes used to flirt with her in school, and then ignore her. I started talking about how Matt was really sweet and acted protective of me for years in school. Lisa snapped in a rude voice, "Yeah I know how he acts".

She then said she had "seen" Matt a couple of times. And I said, you have, where?

Lisa: Silence....

Me: "Where did you see him?"

Lisa: Silence......"I...don't...remember."

Me: "When did you see him?"

Lisa: "Oh, in the past 6 months"

I then mentioned we used to date long ago, and Angie's demeanor changed. And she said, "He's a sleezebag! That's probably why your parents broke up the relationship (many years ago)".

And I asked her why he was a sleezebag, and she said she didn't really know a lot about him. So where was her basis?

She then said, she may have seen him at a grocery store, and that he was with a kid about 10 years old. I said boy or girl, and she said she didn't remember. She then said he did not look good, and I wouldn't want to go out with him now. I explained I was just curious and that did not mean I wanted to go out with him now, we're both married to other people. Wouldn't anyone want to know about their ex-flame? Lisa talks about her boyfriends from 20 years ago, all the time.

She then told me he had gained weight. And I asked was it a lot of weight or a little. And again, silence......before she said in a teasing higher voice, "not as much as John". (meaning not as much weight as my husband has gained)

My question, if she couldn't remember where she saw him, how could she remember that it was twice in the past 6 months. If she couldn't remember "where" she saw him, why would she remember that he gained weight?

I then asked her if she said hello, and she replied, "Oh, yeah, yeah". But it sounded as if she didn't want to tell me that.

Why is Lisa acting coy with me? Why was that officially the wierdest conversation I've ever had with her. Matt is married by the way, for the past 7 years as far as I've heard from another friend. So what is wrong with Lisa? Or is it just me? :angel:

Please help, this conversation has my mind like this :dizzy:

This hurts that Lisa would act this way. She has recently heard all about her high school ex, from a friend. That's what made me think of mine in the first place, which mine was actually, college. Why the double standard for me? What's Lisa's deal?

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