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I am a soon to be father. I love my girlfriend more than she knows. Approximately 4 weeks ago, I found out that I am going to be a father again. It wasn't something my girfriend and I had planned, but none the less, I am happy about this new child.

My girlfriend is a wonderful woman. She is a single mother to a beautiful 2 year old girl. This has made her very strong and independant, and although her daughter's father has not been in her life at all, she has been doing a remarkable job raising her on her own.

We have been together for only 3 months. Even though we have only been together a short time, we both felt like we had found 'the one'. We have been able to talk to each other about every and anything leading up to this. We have pretty much been on the same page on most topics of discussion. I also have a daughter who I have custody of and have been raising by myself for many years. The dynamics and atmosphere between the 4 of us were awesome. 'We' just seemed to make sense together. We don't currently live together, but looking forward to everyone coming together to be a happy family.

When we first found out, we were making plans of starting a family and talking about the things we wanted to make all of this happen. We couldn't have been happier to be doing this together. We both felt that as a team, we 'rocked', and there was nothing we couldn't accomplish.

About a week or so after we started making these plans, I couldn't help but to notice how cold and distant she was being towards me. I brought this up to her, and she assured me that it was just her hormones and that she was in this 100%. This made me feel a little better, and I tried not to let it bother me. Days went by and I felt as if the situation were getting even worse. She had nothing to say to me, and all conversations were instigated and pretty much carried on by me.

Another week or so went by and I brought this up to her again. At this point, I was so scared that the distance and communication between us was so bad, that I was very concerned. When I told her how I was feeling, she said that she was having thoughts that we were 2 totally different people then we were a month prior, and that she just needed her space. This hurt very much as I felt like this should be bringing us closer, not splitting us apart.

I have been giving her all the space she has asked for. We haven't interacted at all together (with the exception of one doctors appointment), and she still really has nothing to say to me. I have told her that I am here for her, but feel as if she could really care less. I feel like all I can do is hope that she really does come back to me. I feel like I have no control at all over this situation and my life is in her hands. I am scared to death. Any advice is appreciated...

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