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[QUOTE=Larrylou'smom;4178884] your twin sister was having trouble with her husband, got involved with this guy and had an emotional affair with him, then realized what a nutjob he is, reconciled with her husband, and being too lazy and irresponsible to deal with her mess herself, she sics him on you so she wouldn't have to deal with it? Have I got that right?

You need to stop engaging this man. I don't know exactly what you're dealing with, it could be just an overzealous guy, or he could be very very dangerous. Don't count on that pistol. he could catch you in another part of the house without it, he could wrest it away from you, he could catch you somewhere other than your home, since he follows you when you go out. These are things you have to consider, especially since you have a daughter. What do you say to him when he gets mad at you for going out with people or for not stopping to talk to him longer? And what do you say? Have you been really strong with him and told him "I don't want to talk to you or see you anymore. Stop calling me and stop coming by my house." ?If so, do you think it's time to get a restraining order? I don't want to be an alarmist, but no one should have to put up with being harrassed by someone they don't want around. This guy is not getting the message. The things you have been doing are not working. You have to try something that will work.[/QUOTE]

No, after he made that phone call to me, my sister calls him on my mom's cell and tells him that I felt like he was coming on to me, and didn't apprieciate it or that remark he made about my daughter. And tells him I did not want him coming over yesterday, and that it would be best if he'd leave us both alone. Prior to this, she had tried breaking up with him and he did not get the hint. Yes, she did realize something is wrong with him, but she really liked this guy. Her husband is mentally & physically abusive to her, and mean to the kids. We all wanted to see that marriage end but she's afraid of him and won't do it.

Well when he showed up at my house, my ex-hubby's vehicle was in the shop, but he was here, so he talked to him (I ran and hid), the man dropped a gift off which I believe is intended for my sister, but he didn't say, he appologized for yesterday, and then left. Well, we aren't in a relationship (just roomates) and this guy knows that. But what he doesn't know is that my ex is still jealous even if. The guy is going to end up getting hurt if he keeps it up and it won't be by me. So when he got home, he calls, I wouldn't answer the phone, but my ex did, and when he told me who it was, I was like no I'm not talking, so he told him I didn't want to talk, and the guy appologizes again and hangs up.

He's not following me. OMG that would be seriously creepy! I run in to him at the store from time to time. (he works at the darn store that is closest to my home). So I have never been rude to him, I never wanted to, until the other day when I thought he was hitting on me and making perv comments about my daughter!

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