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not sure if this is the place to ask this question. my boyfriend smoked pot for many, many years, basically since he was 18. he was dependant on the pot (coupled with alcohol) to stimulate his mind and it kept him in high spirits and happy. (pot always had an uplifting effect on him, so does alcohol...which is odd because i thought both of those were depressants). Anyway. he had to quit smoking pot 6 months ago because his job started randomly testing. and thank goodness he is responsible enough to choose his job over pot.

i think pot maybe was his best friend, because he seems depressed and not into the same things he was before. when we first started dating he used it frequently. we were out on the town a lot and had great times with friends. however i always said to him that i love him even when he is not high. i truly love the quieter, more gentle person he is when he is not high. he was really "up" when he did pot.

im wondering if this is why he has been less passionate when it comes to us and our relationship. its been 6 months. thought he would have kicked the psychological grip. but now i see he sort of is less involved in social interactions, like with our friends. now he gets tired easily and doesnt engage as much socially. even with me, he's less passionate and more disconnected to me.

how can this be fixed? i love him to death, i just wish the fire and sparkes were there like before. is there a way i can help him feel joy and ok with interacting even when he's stone cold sober. he tells me he thinks he is "boring" now. i keep telling him i love him. has anyone dealt with this? advice would be great, thx-

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