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Hello ~ I'm definitely not new to these boards.
But I am having a bit of difficulty now with something that seems somewhat confusing to me.
I've been dealing with depressing and anxiety for the last little while, and with that I sometimes drink to help me sleep ( I know that's not the greatest idea, but I do it and I am trying to stop )...
So here's the problem ( well, not a "problem" ), I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years...our first year was a little rocky and since then everything's been good, although when we get into arguements he NEVER wants to talk about them, he just wants to forget about them and leave them to the next day and if it still bothers him then will he talk about it, but I'm the sort of person that want's to kiss and make up as soon as possible, I don't like going to bed angry or sad.
So we've discussed my issues vaguely once or twice and he said that he would be there for me.
But that all kind of burst in my face when yesterday I kind of hid having a drink from him...and he didn't understand at all, when I tried to explain to him my problems he didn't really want to hear it...he said he needs some time to think about all that it is that I told him. And it hurts, because he's all I have and I really need that support from him because dealing with all these issues can be very difficult.
It was just a very hurtful arguement and I don't know if he'll ever understand or how I can explain it to him so that he can be supportive of me.
He's just not a very emotional guy and is the type of guy that gets angry when he see's that I'm sad because he wishes he could do something, but the thing is he can and he can't realize that for whatever reason.
I really love him with all my heart, but I am beginning to feel lonelier then ever. And I also feel bad that I am putting him through all of this. In all the years we spent together I wasn't ever like this and I know it's weird for him to deal with this. I just want us to be together...well, forever. Lol.
I don't want secrets between us, but I do want 110% out of this relationship through thick and thin.
I don't really know what I'm trying to say here or what advice I am asking for. I guess I am just really upset and I wish he understood.

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