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I am new to these boards and was hoping to get a little bit of advice on my relationship.
I've been with a wonderful man for nearly three years, we've had a great relationship overall, but when we argue, he always tends to ignore me. He feels the need to not discuss the problem at hand and that bothers me alot (seems to me, when talking with my girlfriends that guys do this quite a bit, and definitely not all guys, just speaking to some of my friends they had said that they had had this issue once or twice before but for me this is an on going thing).

Anyways, I usually am always the one doing all the apologizing, even though half the time I know that I was never in the wrong, but I apologize anyways so that things can get back to normal and that everything would be okay again.
Once in the beginning of our relationship he ignored me and went out with his friends while I sat at home and cried, I decided to pack some of my things and leave to a girlfriends place where sometime at 2 in the morning he called and asked me where I was and that he was picking me up. We resolved that issue, he also said if I ever did anything like that again that he wouldn't pick me up and that I may as well just call it quits (this was within the first six months of our relationship though and we have obviously grown in the past three years).
Anyways, last night, we got into an arguement, it had stemmed from another arguement the previous night that we had had. I just wanted closure on that previous arguement because we never resolved it and he ignored it and pretended like nothing happend. Well, this really bothered me. I asked him to talk to me and he refused and began saying really hurtful things to me. I told him that if he wouldn't talk that I would leave. I've used this excuse many of times and never followed through with it, afraid that that would be the end of it.
But last night I was just so fed up that I packed some of my things and once again, off I went to a girlfriends house. This was rather early in the night as well.
Well, needless to say, he has not messaged me, or called or anything, which I am hurt by, because I especially would have thought that he would try to contact me to make sure I was at least okay.
And it's the next day and he still hasn't tried to come into contact with me.
We've been together for three years, and lived together for two and a half.
What does this mean? Is he really upset that I finally got the courage to leave when I said I was going to leave to cool off and whatnot. Is he "done" with me and do you think this is really it?
I do care about him so much and love him with all of my heart but for some reason am so afraid that he doesn't want to persue this relationship anymore.
I don't know, the thing is, this is the first, well, technically the second time I stood up for myself, so maybe he's confused about that. I just want things to go back to the way they were but I can't be the only always apologizing. I am too dependant on him and I can't be!

Please help! Any advice would be amazing at this point in time.

Ps. Sorry for such a long post, I spent most of the night crying and am trying to look for some answers without going directly to him, even though I so badly want to.

Also, one more thing, about a year ago, we got into a big arguement and left it for the night and the next day decided that we would try and discuss it, which is what I like to do, and if that didn't work that we would leave it to the next day, which is his way of dealing with our issues. Well, that's never happened, he usually never wants to talk about them...

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