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River Rocks,

Wow -- it is crazy how similiar our boyfriends sound, mine sounds the exact same as yours! He has said the exact same word for word that he's not the type of guy to chase people around and whatnot, he told me that before we even started dating about his ex. I tend to push him as well when we argue, he sometimes says that he just wants a day to think about it or to sleep on it and I just want to resolve it on the spot and I stand there and keep asking him the same question over and over again because I just want things to be better...sometimes it works, but rarely does it and if it happens to work, alot of the times he is still bitter about it or doesn't know what happened or how to deal with it so he still doesn't talk much after our discussion.

I hope that he doesn't have a foot out the door, this has happened before and we managed to come to some sort of agreement or apologized to one another, but it still stands true that I'm the one that does all the apologizing. And I think that that's something that really needs to stop. Because I don't think it's fair. So I will very definitely try my absolute hardest to stand my ground and not crack under the pressure to apologize to him first.
I think it some way he will realize that there is two of us in this relationship...I just hope that he does call, because there are times when I doub that he would because he hasn't called at all it makes me doubt from time to time.
It just hurts alot because this is the first time for me to be away from our place and him not try to call and fix things...I thought for sure he would have contacted me before the morning, or at least by now (it's late afternoon).

Thank you for your story and your advice though, it makes me feel a little bit better, although I will definitely keep my guard up as well. As I definitely don't want to get hurt worse.
But it is nice to hear that we are in the same boat and that have pretty much the same boyfriend behavioural wise! I thought I was the only one...
I still love him so very much and I don't doubt that he loves me.

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