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Hi Melissa,

Thank you...So nice to hear from you.

While I rather not make the list, I will. Not for sympathy, but more as a tribute to the strength of the human spirit, to overcome anything life throws our way. Life changing illness has given me more than it has taken away, by far. That is my message. It's more like a good trade, disguised as illness. When one is enough, more is even better at showing us what life is really about. I have a good life, and I wouldn't trade.

I have always been lucky, from day one. Loving parents, who are still here, married 65 years, and live a few blocks away...ok, a crappy sister..but not my problem... I have my own home, two beautiful and loving sons, 25 and 15. Single mom, but have a caring selfless man in my life. Worked as an artist all my life, love to write, love my friends, growing giant sunflowers, gourds, love working with kids, volunteer, like I said...very lucky.

Had some little health issues along the way, but ignored them, because I was having too much fun. One day, snorkeling in the ocean near my home, had 4 strokes - BOOM! Life changed forever.

Took the last 6 years, but I recovered amazingly well...back to camping, riding motorcycles in the desert, riding my bike. Found the Healthboards early on, but could only read for some time...still couldn't talk, walk, but dying to reach out. Found a wondeful woman who I began a freindship with, learned to type, and express my thougts and feelings again, while I focused on her...To this day, correspond every day. That was 2 years ago. Realized I had alot to share, and met the friends I have here now, plus many others.

Back to the strokes...Strokes caused kidney failure, which is at end stage but holding...had a heart attack, lost my vision, got most of it back, developed RLS, sleep apnea, thyroid disease, gout, take tons of medications, have 10 doctors to see all the time, get blood work done every three weeks for 6 years, hospitalized a million times, uncontrollable bood pressure, peri-menopause, but still kicking, still haopy to be alive.

Sounds dumb now, but 2 weeks ago went into excruciating pain, hospitalized, and eventually got diagnosed with severe endometriosis. Got a $2,000.00 shot, sent me into menopause, now swollen up with 30 lbs of fluid, in the last few days, taking narcotic pain medication around the clock, bedridden, and need surgery ( full hysterectomy) but surgery is too dangerous due to medical history...

That is what this thread is about...the darn endometriosis! Sounds ridiculous, but this has rocked my boat.

In bed, with computer, getting wonderful support, joined the menopause board, laughing at ourselves, sharing stories of girl beards, posting like a mad woman, loving it, accepting it, and receiving amazing and heartwarming messages like yours...

Like I said, i am lucky!

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