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Re: I cheated
Mar 5, 2010
That's what I'm talking about. You were on a dating website yet you claim to be so in love with youur gf. Doesn't make any sense. You're not making sense. Those two are mutually exclusive.

Either you love someone and hence you don't put yourself on dating sites OR you're a guy who has a gf and talks a good game but when the chips are down and there's someone else interested, your gf doesn't matter and neither do her feelings.

I have been on the receiving end on this too many times and honestly all you're saying is just talk. Talk is cheap. I still want to know why you cooked up this scheme with some other girl and as was already mentioned, "I don't know" is not an answer. A guy who loves his girlfriend doesn't go trolling dating sites, taking out other girls for dinner and takes them home for sex. Guys in love don't do that. Ergo, you must not love her. There's too much premeditation there.

I think you should do the right thing and let her go. You have a problem, obviously, and you need to fix it before you get into another relationship. God help any girl who tries to date you because she will just get her heart broken when you cheat on her.

Did you tell the new girl about your gf? Did she know you had a gf? If she knew and still got together with you anyway, she's nothing but a tramp. If she didn't know and you lied to her too, then shame on your for hurting two women, first your gf who you claim to love and second the girl from the site who had no idea you were a liar and a cheater.

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