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I honestly know how you feel. It's hard not to get involved with you bffs personal life and drama. First of all, she brings all that stuff to your attention. She obviously feels comfortable bit**ing to you when she is mad at him. Of course it gets you riled up. You hear it and you go thru the motions with her. Its really frustrating and just when you think she has come to her senses and got rid of her 2 year old bf... long behold, he is back. The lying is unacceptable too. The only reason why she lied is because she knew she was going to be criticized.

I have been there. My best friend dated a real jerk. He would go thru phases of being unemployed. She would do everything and he would sit at the apartment playing video games or going to the pool haul to play with his buddies. She was with this guy for over 3 years and I have heard everything... from how he is so ignorant, no motivation, no job all the way to him cheating on her... so when she broke up with him. I was thrilled. But when I found out he got back with him, LAID OUT OF WORK to get high with him and then GET IN A WRECK because she let him drive - ARGH! I was furious! I let her have it. I realized I had to step away because I was getting too caught up with her. Its hard not to put your foot down and let them know how stupid they are acting. Its the same way with siblings. You technically have no business telling your siblings what to do or trying to control/boss them around -- but we do. Its hard not to. We are so close to them that its hard to just step back and "be there"

I was really mad at my friend and it took a lot of energy not to smack her. She breaks up with the guy, gets back with him and gets in a wreck.... then expects me to feel sorry for her. Oh no~! Like I said, I was still there but I honestly did not want to hear anymore about her bf. I eventually told her it was pointless that she complained about him because at the end of the night her butt is laying down with him. I told her why bother? you arent going anywhere. Now some people can just listen to the same ol drama over and over again... I cant. I was there for her when he stood her up, when he took her car and left her, when he did not show up for her surgery... I was always there and even cussed him out for being so stupid... but I did not want to hear the every day complaints of how tired she was of their situation and how tired she was of his immaturity.

Have you spoken to her lately?

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