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[QUOTE=Ely4;4207228]I assume she means that by letting the boyfriend stay knowing that this sort of thing happens, then the friend is also putting the relative at risk by allowing this risk into her home.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=Ely4;4207228]But, you can't tell her what to do, or control her life or who she's chooses to be in a relationship with, the only thing you have any control over is how you deal with your friendship with her. [/QUOTE]

This is exactly what I've been saying.

I'm surprised how many people say I'm trying to control her. I have never said that. I have stated that I am trying to decide how I'm going to conduct [I]myself[/I] under the circumstances, what course of action [I]I [/I]am going to take, and what is in my best interest and mental well-being. It's up to her to do the same, for herself.

I have also realized some other things lately. For one thing, I am a performer, and out of the ten gigs, she has only been to one. She did not go to my Honors ceremony or graduation, either. She has never been supportive of me and my endeavors, yet I have endured hours of her ranting about her ex. I am really re-thinking this whole thing.

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