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Thanks to all for the kind words, advice and support.

I am trying to move forward, but I can't get her out of my head. I try and try, but she keeps creeping back in and it's frustrating.

Someone (no offense to that someone, I can't remember the name) mentioned that I may suffer from a low self esteem. This is true. In addition, almost every time I develop serious feelings for a woman, it doesn't materialize and it's another serious blow to my ego. And then there's that I pursue women who are out of reach and in impractical situations... It's like the Woody Allen joke from the beginning of Annie Hall about how he doesn't want girls who want to be with him, he wants those who don't want to be with him. It takes a lot for me to find someone I really connect with and really like. I am not one of those guys who goes from girlfriend to girlfriend - a serial monogamist is the term, I believe.

This is a tremendous loss and disappointment and I am struggling with it. It doesn't help that I realize that it was an unlikely and impractical hope from the get go.

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