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I read your post about your husband getting on on-line dating sites and also having a ******** page. The on-line dating excuse of being bored is a load of crap! Like the others said who responded to your post, there are many other sites he could log onto if he was bored besides a dating/matchmaking one. I saw on my bf's emails the other day that he is a member of one of the on-line dating sites and even though I think he was subscribed to it before we ever started talking/dating, this still bothers me because he still gets emails from women who have looked at some kind of profile with his information and maybe his picture too and are interested in going out with him. I'm sorry, but i disagree with these sites anyway let alone if you are married to someone for 8 years.
The other page where you saw he had his 25 female friends is not such a big deal if it is used for just catching up with old friends from school. I have a page on ******** and that is all I do and so does my bf and I think that is all he does. Of course, neither of us will ever really know because although you can see most of the activity by anyone you have on your page as afriend, there are still messages that can be sent back and forth which only the sender and the receiver are able to see. Again, I agree with others on is unbelievable to me that he had the nerve to get indignant and accuse you of snooping on his stuff when you are his wife and there should be nothing of his that he should get mad at you for looking at if he isn't doing anything wrong. And then, to add insult to injury, he only puts his status as being married AFTER you set up a page for yourself!?!?!? That is one thing my bf has always had his status as "in a relationship" and on one of the sites we both have pages on it even says his name is "in a relationship with" my name. And i have access to his page anytime I want to look at it whereas, obviously you don't have that luxury with your husband. However, there is always a delete button that can be used even the comments and activities that are open for all to nothing is guaranteed because all he has to do is get on there and hit delete on anything he doesn't want me to see and same goes for your hubby.
If you ask me, they all just get on there to see how many pretty girls they can become friends with, like they are really gonna get hooked up with some hot chick in New Jersey that has a husband and 2 kids just because she accepts their friend request! Ridiculous and pathetic if you ask me! But of course, I'm sure your husband would deny having any interest in anything except keeping up with old friends. If that's the case though, count how many men he has as friends and then compare to how many women he has.
But maybe i am the wrong person to be giving advice about this particular subject since my ex did used to get on our computer and look up local women intentionally and then try to chat with them while I was working all day and sometimes all night. and my current boyfriend looks at porn on his computer all the while telling me that I am enough for him sexually and that he loves my body and the size of my breasts. And then while I'm gone to work or on the nights we don't stay together, (I've looked at the history on his computer if you're wondering how I found out) because we have our kids, he is getting on here watching triple x porn and getting on "flash your rack" looking at naked women. And why would he do that when we have made our own video that he could look at if me and my body are good enough for him? You need toseriously think about what you want out of your marriage and what you are willing to put up with from your hubby. He is obviously being at least a little shady and lying about some things...would you do that to him? If the answer is no, then I think you have the right to expect him not to do that to you.
How defensive is he getting when you question him? You can find out a lot by going to the top of the computer screen and clicking on History...ours went back about 4 months and i found out all kinds of interesting things that my boyfriend was looking at when i wasn't around...I have a feeling you might find some of the same if you just dig deep enough.

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