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my boyfriend is a very very smart man. He has a superior explenation for everything. Even if its totally left field, paranoid and a bit of a conspiracy. He is withdrawn socially. He is Angry and mean to me when hes angry. I dont understand half the things hes mad about. they dont make sense to me and i am trying so hard to see things his way that i feel like im starting to question my own sanity. He rants about everything. the only way that he can make sense to me is if i ignore just enough of reality and social norm for it to make sense. but im afraid that that's me trying to hard....
also, over the last few years he has lost pretty much all of his friends because "they are selfish and take advantage of him and are wrong" somehow. He believes that they are a little crazy (long story) and of course they all think hes crazy. i do as much as i can for him but i can't seem to get it right anymore.
how do i approach the possibility with him that he may have a problem that i can't fix??

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