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[QUOTE=River rocks;4215438]Is this the same boyfriend who slept with the ex "in a drunken state" and also recieved texts that were offensive about you?

I think he is not being straight up with the ex. He is not telling her he is serious about you and leaving her to believe she still hasa chance with him. Even if he is telling her he is serious about you, he is allowing conversations and communication between the two of them that (for good reason) make you uncomfortable.

He might swear up and down that he is "over her" and there is no longer an attraction. But the fact remains that he is allowing her to interfere and communicate negatively about you two as a couple.

I have been there. And ultimately I had to throw down the gauntlet. I am not a controlling person, however, this kind of talk was NOT ok with me. So I told him he has to CHOOSE. Keep communicating with her OR stay in a realtionship with me. I was ready to walk (and I would have).

I think you will ultimately have to say this to him, and mean it.[/QUOTE]

oh no, the guy who slept with his ex is long gone. i ended that.
back to my current bd, i could see if he and his ex were really just friends and wished nothing but the best for eachother. but she straight up said i wasnt pretty enough (b/c i didnt fit his mold of blonde hair and big boobs ) and that he could do better. first of all, i am not jealous b/c ive seen her pics. but my bf never said a darn thing to take up for me or say ''hey im happy With her.'' so if he doesnt take up for me now, is this how things might be later in life ? is he gonna have my back ? i really do feel betrayed now b/c he is STILL responding to her emails and being nice to her after he saw how bad that hurt me. i asked him if one of my Exes were talking crap about him would he be cool if we were still friends....of Course he said no.

i texted him today, so we Will see what he says. but these are my feelings and they seem perfectly justified. i am not sure i completely trust him. and if We ever marry, is he really gonna continue to Talk to the same woman who completely bashed me ? not cool
I have a friend who was not very big on my last boyfriend.....and he would make little comments a out him that were pretty bad. I allways had my bf's back, and I would not let it go without saying something. My bf on the other hand, never thought twice about going behind my back and bashing me with his friends and family. All I can say is good riddence to bad rubbish. The fact is, if he's allowing her to say these things and not putting it down at all, and like you said, it's not that hard, then I think he has some intentions. Whether he is still interested in her, or just doesn't want the attention from her to stop is really irrelevant to me. No matter how you cut it, it's just wrong. I think I'd walk. You dont really want to be married to the both of them do you?Good luck

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