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Well your reply sorta helped and has sorta left me confused. Unless I'm reading this the wrong way you're telling me not to pay for things when I take a girl on a date, which to me seems like the complete opposite of what you should do. To me not paying for dinner says "were just friends" I mean I don't pay for my friends dinners whenever we eat somewhere. Its always separate checks. But when its a guy and a girl in a date type situation you should pay. Am I wrong?

This past Thursday we went on that date. We actually had to do it sooner than planned because she had to leave town on Saturday. On Wednesday I called her and specified a time, and upon realization that she was going to be out of town we tried to come up with a different time to do it. Again maybe I'm reading too much into this but she seemed pretty determined to find a new day to do it. She offered Friday, but I couldn't, I offered Sunday but she couldn't, I offered Tuesday or Thursday and she chose Thursday. This could all be because I'm seeing as something I want it to be rather than what it really is but I took her "determination" to find a new time as a good sign that she really wanted to do this.

So then Thursday we went out, and again we just seem to have so much in common, conversation went well no awkward silences, lots of laughing. Then when the time came I paid and even though she offered to leave the tip I refused to let her and told her I wanted to do this. When we got back to my house she asked what I was doing the rest of the night and I told her nothing, to which she replied she had homework to do (which was true, this date night is her usual homework night). She did come inside though for a little bit and we watched a TV show and then she had to go do school work. Just before seeing her out the door we hugged and I asked if she wanted to go out to dinner again sometime. She said yeah she'll check her schedule for next weekend and left.

The next night...which was yesterday we went to a party separately. And right off the bat the night was weird. My friend that I usually go with had to back out so I had no good way of getting there since my car at the moment is broken. I then asked her if she would mind if I got a ride to the party with her (she's the only other person I knew that would be able to drive me there), but she was at work when I asked. Two hours later I hear from her and she said she just arrived at the party, so I had to ride my bike and then walk to this party where I met her outside in the front yard. We greeted each other and then we walked around the house for a little bit.

I think from the get go though I was setting myself up to be disappointed because I was hoping that it would like last time where we were with each other for 4 hours straight. This time was different, we talked for an hour or so but then she started wandering around a lot and myself not really knowing many people at this party started to follow her. I quickly felt and probably looked like a lost puppy so I backed off and let her go off on her own and finally found some other friends of mine. But the whole night I kept fighting the urge to go find her, all I wanted to do was talk to her. I then saw her talking to some other guy, which by no means I don't think means least I hope not and it pretty much bummed me out the rest of the night. Then to top it off as far as I know she left alone without saying bye to anyone. Her roommate didn't even know that she had left.

I told a few different friends I knew about her and that I took her to dinner the day before and that I'm probalby taking her again this coming weekend and all of them said I didn't have anything to worry about. It was probably just a friend she was talking to.

Later on in the night since she wasn't there I kinda stopped worrying about her and by accident met a bunch of her close friends. And one of them upon introducing myself said "Oh you're really good friends with ___ aren't you?" to which I said "yeah shes really cool". This is another one of those things I feel I'm looking way too much into but this is a girl I've never met before but she knows who I am which tells me the girl I like could possibly be telling other people about me. Which is good.

I feel like this girl likes me, at least thats how she acts when I talk to her. And maybe this is because I haven't really given her a chance but I seem to be the one making the effort to call her and what not. I mean I feel like I should be the one making date plans, but I would hope she would want to call me every so often. But again I don't think theres been more than a day i've gone without making contact with her, however every time I have talked to her its been for a reason such as making plans or what-not. Only a couple times has it been just to say hi.

So if she doesn't ever call me but then seems to want to go out to dinner and does seem excited when we do talk what could that mean? Could it be that shes just the type of girl that wants the guy to be the one to make the calls and plans and effort? Its the way my mom thinks, she refuses to call any guy.

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