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Hi all,

Rose, I'm so happy for you! You truly deserve to be happy.. Good for you!

Digmusic, my intuition told me after 3 months into the relationship to end it but my feelings took over so I ignored what my gut instincts were telling me. I can still remember saying to myself "don't see this guy ever again" after noticing red flags but I felt so much in love so I ignored or pushed away my gut instincts. I guess I was hoping that I would be wrong about this guy but in the end I wasn't.

And I don't feel very strong right now.. I feel sad.. Sometimes reality stinks! And please don't worry that your BF is a Scorpio, hey, I'm a "good" Scorp.. I used to be into astrology many years ago and I remember that I had read there are 3 kinds of Scorpio's ranging from really bad to really good. Don't know if I really believe all that though.. I also read that no one is just one sign but a combination of signs.. I had my chart done when I was in my 20's and I am mostly water..

I don't think my EX-boyfriend's sign has anything to do with being a chronic liar and a manipulator.. Most Scorps are bluntly honest and he was not. I know I can be blunt to the point where I can hurt people's feelings and I am still working on that (learning how to sugar-coat my words).

This is just a bad week for me as it will be 1 year that my baby brother passed away so that effects me, right now I'm not talking to my mother (my choice) but that's another story... Seems like when it rains it really pours!

And Nobodyknows, yes, it's painful but I have been through pain before and survived... I took a risk and when I'm ready I will take more risks because if I don't I will live in a box which in my eyes is not really living life..

Thanks all!

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