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I would give it lots of space as well, I would give it so much space that I would just move on with my life. A mother is one thing, a mother is always going to be our mom no matter what. You don' trisk losing a mother by acting out the same way you risk losing a boyfriend or girlfriend. A mom kind of has to stick around, but a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't. Those people are less "safe" so if we act out around them, we could be saying "I know you love me enough to stay with me through this" OR you could also be saying "I don't really care if you leave and never come back. I won't miss you if you do." He's making the choice you put you off, and push you away, which is really making the choice to not be emotionally available to you. I understand he's hurting, but we choose how to deal with pain. his actions seem to say that he doesn't really care whether he loses you or not.

I think the bottom line is, it doesn't really matter why. He's just not emitonally available for a relationship with you. You can stay this guy's friend, but get on with your life and find someone who wants you to be a real and true part of his life.

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