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Hi Sera,

Thanks for your input. No, my older brother does not have a good relationship with my mother, in face he screams at her and is completely disrepectful of her.. Come to think of it, none of the 4 children has had a good or healthy relationship with my mom.. Even when my Dad was alive, he avoided my mother until he became older and had to retire, then they became friends and played cards together.

My mom's biggest love is money, ever since I could remember which is very sad.

I think what bugs me now is that I could use some help financially as owning a home in these times are really tough for me and either I may walk away from my house or hopefully sell it and move to another state where my best friend lives. It would be nice of my mother to help me a bit since she is helping my brother but she doesn't see it that way. Talking to my mother about money gives me alot of anxiety because she complains that she doesn't have much left when in reality she has alot of money. Hey, it's her money and she has a right to handle her affairs however she sees fit.

Perhaps I envy the support my brother is getting just by living free meanwhile I am struggling.. Especially when he doesn't even appreciate it and treats my mother like garbage..

The only healthy and happy relationship I had was with my Dad.. He was loving, fun, made me laugh, he was fantastic in every way.. Where my Mom was cruel, he was kind.. I don't remember this when I was a baby but my Dad wanted to divorce my Mom and left her for almost a year and came back (I think he felt a sense of obligation since he did have kids).. I'm so glad he came back because he was the only positive parent in my life, in many ways he was my mentor.


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