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My college boyfriend and I dated for 4 years. We always had this strong connection to one another but could not get the relationship part to work. We broke up but still were sleeping together even though we started dating other people. Neither of us wanted to say goodbye, but I finally got up the courage to walk away and told him I couldn't see him anymore. I moved on and got married and had kids. I'm now divorced but things are okay.

In February I got a friend request on the FB site from my college ex. I was shocked as I never prepared myself to ever be in contact with him again. He ended up marrying the girl he was dating while we were still seeing each other. We started emailing and catching up on our lives. This has thrown me for a loop because all of these memories came flooding back. I remembered everything about us. All our conversations and every intimate detail. We exchanged numbers and talked on the phone once. He told me he thinks we met too young and if he had met me later things would have turned out differently. I started thinking about him every day and it became too much. I sent him an email saying the memories are too much and since he is married now it would be best to stop talking. I removed him as my friend on FB and tried to forget about it.

I didn't hear anything else from him for 3 weeks and then yesterday he text me again. He doesn't understand why I unfriended him. Even though it's been years I still know my ex. The text is a means to stay in contact with me. I've been thinking about him a lot and I believe he has been thinking about me. My head is saying tell him again to stop contacting me but my heart is saying I miss him and don't want to go any more years of not having him in my life.

Is it normal to still having feelings for an ex? I doubt my ex would ever want to hurt his wife but I think he has been looking to contact me for awhile just didn't know where I was. Does it mean he misses me in his life?

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