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Actually I kinda follow the "rule" or at least kind of expect it to be...expected. Talking about girlfriends and how to treat girls other than be nice and don't hit them was never a huge subject in my house. And while it was never talked about its just sort of come to my understanding that the guy is the one that makes the dates, does the calling, etc. its the "man thing to do" it shows you have confidence or something. Which actually never use to be a problem for me. Even though back in high school I only ever had one girlfriend, if there was a girl I liked I would call them every single day and I never received any objections from it, but for some reason I'm scared of calling this girl and I think its because I'm afraid of scaring her away. As well as my friend giving me odd advice that seems to only work for him, which is take your time and let it happen. Its almost as if he's saying put "anti-effort" into and the less you try the more successful you'll be. If I were following his advice I wouldn't call this girl at all.

The reason why I keep worrying about her not calling me is because I recently met another girl, before this current one actually, and we've been talking every few days and to my surprise she's actually the one making the effort to say hi. Although I don't plan to try to make anything more than just a friend out of it since she lives a thousand miles away in NYC, it just gets me wondering why this girl isn't talking to me as much as the one that lives a thousand miles away. On top of that my good friend seems to have girls being the ones to contact him all the time and he hardly makes any effort. We went to a party this past weekend and as soon as we got there we had about 4 or 5 girls he knew coming up and talking to him throughout the night, while all the girls I knew didn't say much more than a passing hi/bye to me.

[QUOTE=RiverRocks]She didn't call you back. Whenever I have been interested in a guy, I will call him back. I will make time to call him, even if I am busy, just to let him know yes I am still interested.
I don't want to burst your bubble because maybe she IS into you. Or maybe she is on the fence and doesnt know how she feels yet. I'd give it time.
She may be getting turned off by your over interest. She might feel you are too available. I know... you are just being nice and showing interest which I find very courtious! But she might be sensing you are into her more than she is into you.
I have a feeling that if you wait and hold off on the next call, she will start to wonder whats up with you and she will call you! Just a guess, I could be wrong. [/QUOTE] Well then at what point do you give up? Should I try to wait a whole week? Do I just do as I normally do till she stops responding all together? I've been told by various people that most guys give up too early/easily, and to never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about, or some girls think the guy should make the calls and plans.
With that said I ended up talking to her tonight. I was at school doing work and she was on instant message in one of her late classes. I figured why not and once we started talking granted its the internet I got no bad vibes from the conversation. Maybe its because I'm trying to stay hopeful but when I was talking to her it was the same way its always been since the first night we met.

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