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I've been in your shoes. My boyfriend of 3.5 years has one daughter who is trouble all of the time. Drugs. Abortions (rather than birth control). Manipulation. Jail. Abusive husband(s) and boyfriends. Constantly lying. Unemployed because she is too lazy too work or job search. And guess who she comes running to whenever she needs something (usually money)? Yep, Daddy.
I realize she is is flesh and blood, but I told him upon moving in with him that I am not OK with her living with us, because I can't have someone who uses drugs and has anger issues around my young daughter.
My boyfriend has since set boundaries with her. He still gives her money, (which is upsetting because he then complains about his own finances) but the good news is that he won't allow her to live with us.
I think your husband has to respect you and your daughter, and not allow the step daughter to impose or interfere too much. Its a touchy, fine line, but its one that your husband has to find and stand by.

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