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I can see the "chubby" comment is bothering some people. I don't think a size 12 is fat, so I said "chubby" because she's chubby compared to me. I didn't say fat, I just didn't know how to I say that I'm more attractive and not jealous? What I'm trying to say is that my boyfriend wouldn't have any serious interest in this woman other than an affair, and I don't think he wants an affair with this woman. I think she's closer to 28 or 30. I've known him for several years and he's liked me for several years, so in the Charles Dianna situation, I would be Camilla to him, not the women who is 10 years older than he is. I'm not a younger women like Dianna to Charles. I'm in his age range, and this women isn't. ;) He's been acting very smitten with me.

So I hope I'm not offending anyone, I'm just trying to explain the situation.

I just don't like it, it's too close for comfort to me. I may ask him, but I'm not sure what to do at this point. I don't want to sound insecure since guy friends give me rides sometimes, but they don't pick up my boyfriend for me and give us a place to stay. :eek:
you know, I just read through this entire thing........I feel so sorry for this "other woman". She so far has done nothing wrong, is being called chubby, old, slave, and it has been said that it's laughable how she is ignored and being used. I hope you can live with being that superficial and cruel to someone. You are going to learn a very very hard lesson as you age. A lesson that you dont have to learn if you would just listen. It's not okay to treat people like this. It's cruel, and mean. If I were you, I would print all of this out, and read through it in about 10 years.......tell us then how well all of these school girl attitudes worked out for you. My guess is you will not feel anywhere near the same way, and you will have been taught some very embarassing and hard truths about life. That's a hard path to go down so willingly. It's even worse once you realized youve made the mistakes. And even worse then all of the above, is knowing the only way to redeem yourself in all of this is through appology, and admitting you were wrong. I hope you dont go that way. I really honestly would like you to show this to somebody.....maybe your mom, older sister, aunt, or even your boyfriend himself and get their take on it. An outside view point from somebody who cares about you and who's opinion you trust. My guess, is you will hear a giant echo of everything that has allready been told to you. Good luck to you. I mean that, I really hope for your sake that you are able to turn things around....and I dont mean with your boyfriend. I mean your personal self.

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