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I'm not really understanding what you are getting at. Your first question was if anyone thought that he was sleeping with her. I said that right now, there isn't much to read into. Ok, so he had her in the car, but it isn't exactly like he went out of his way to hide it from you. I can understand that it makes you like I said, why dont you ask him? Your second comment doesn't really make a lot of sense. Ever hear the expression that when we assume, you make an a** out of you and me? You cant possibly know all there is to know until you ask. I dont mean that you have to come right out and say, Hey, are you sleeping with her? But it wouldn't hurt to say, why is she around so much lately, and add to it that it makes you uncomfortable because she has a reputation of sleeping with other men. Then take a clue from there. If he overreacts and says you have no right, or that you have a dirty mind or something.....then yeah, there is a problem there. Likewise if he defends her, or completely blows you off, then there is a problem there. If he is willing to talk to you and listen to your concerns and come to an agreeable situation, then there is no problem there. It really isn't that hard.
I completely agree. Ely4's last post pretty much summed it up. Restless, trying to help you understand the answers to your origional question has been like trying to nail jello to a wall. I really would like for you to calm down, take a deep breath, and try to figure out where you started to spiral with all of this. It's ok to say,"hey, I see this going on, and I'm afraid." That is an honest statement that nobody here would look down at. It's also ok to say you feel insecure, or tell him that the situation doesn't set well with you because of rumor's you have heard. But masking it all with self dilluted fantasies about your own epic superbness is not going to help you in the slightest. At the end of the day, I dont care if she weighs 500 pounds, has one leg, never shaves and talks like a man.........don't ever kid yourself in thinking that you are superior. It's cruel, unfair, and extremely unbecomming. Especially when so far, the only thing she is guilty of is showing you a kindness by bringing your boyfriend over to see you, and giving you guys a place to stay together for a night. However, like everybody has said, if it really bothers you, just talk to your boyfriend about it.

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