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An honest opinion? I think you asked for that.
If you were not afraid of what could be happening between them, you would not be here asking. That means you are somewhat concerned that this woman
has some power over your guy regardless of your own hotness.

The truth is that you can put the focus on all the cougars out there, even the younger women, any woman who is percieved can keep focusing on them, they will always be there. But the key, and the answer, lies within your boyfriend and his morals.

Like someone else trust him or you don't. The cougar would not even be a factor or even an afterthought of you trusted your boyfriend.

Also, I disagree with the statement that most guys will sleep with anything. Those are just the dogs. And if you lie with dogs...well, you know the rest of that old saying.
Restles, I think you are putting too much emphasis on the (chubby, older, cougar slave) woman. The only person who can control your boyfriend and what he chooses to do with his man parts is your boyfriend. He is the one you should focus on. Do you trust him? If so, why is the cougar slave woman even an issue?

Do you think that a man is helpless to a womans come-ons? Would his actions be justified if he said she was the one to relentlessly persue? No. So slave cougar or no slave cougar the answer lies within your boyfriend.

Really, this entire question and discussion can be very neatly summed up by reading [B]Ely4's very last paragraph[/B]. [B]Read it again[/B]. It says all that needs to be said.

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