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[QUOTE=justmel30;4234802]What my point is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, a bigger woman who in your opinion is less attractive, actually comes off as a much better catch if she carries herself correctly. It's not all about looks which you will probably learn at some point in time. It's a level of confidence, fun, compatibility, and chemistry that sometimes goes way beyond a persons size or physical physique. You do have a right to be confident but right now your not comming off as confident. Your comming off as very very young and threatened. She may very well be after him, but then again, maybe she just thinks of you two as friends. I certainly wouldn't be inviting the girlfriend of the guy I was after to sleep in my house. As far as a more "mature" woman knowing better then to chase after someone soooooooooooooooooooo young......well I'm sorry. When did 24 become old?!!!!! Sheesh! I just turned 30 and I think I just turned wrinkled and grey while responding to this! She's only3 years older then him......this is not that big of an age gap and she is no that old. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having said all that, like I told you before, just go talk to him and stop with the comparing and criticism and insecure statements. It will not help you any while your attempting to have a mature talk with your boyfriend about what may or may not be going on. Good luck.

There's a misunderstanding going on here. I KNOW for a FACT my boyfriend would never date this lady. She is about 30 herself, way older than him and not hot. Hot does have something to do with it to guys who have ONLY dated girls who are mostly on the "hot" side.

Yes, I am worried he could sleep with her, but not out of any type of jealously. I'm totally and completely so NOT jealous of this women. Most girls know guys will sleep with "anything" and that's the problem here.

I could dump him and go out with any number guys trying to go out with me. I don't me to sound conceited. Obviously I would rather it work out with my current guy since I like him and have some feelings for him. My problem is that I don't want to be in a relationship with a guy who is pretending to be friends with a lady, and having his cake and eating it too. So I'm worried about making the correct decision where he is concerned. Of course I'm NOT going to tell him I'm "hotter" . I'm only using those terms to explain the situation and no other reason. I want a guy to like me for me also.

For some reason people treat girls like they're immature and insecure when a guy does something like this. Can't we explain the situation, can't we ask what's going on here? It doesn't mean that we cannot get someone else in an instant and leave the relationship. I'm not clingy, or needy or insecure or any of those things just because I want the right situation for me and I don't know the situation.

If I had to guess, I would say my boyfriend is completely using this lady for a way to see me, and it has nothing to do with her. Do I want a guy who lets an older lady do him favors because her sights are on him? I let guy friends give me rides so how can I say anything? The problem is...... I'm a girl and would not sleep with any guy, but he's a guy so it looks very suspicious if he's letting an older lady give him rides while his car is broke down, because guys will sleep with almost anything.

If this were a competition, I'm winning by land slides. SHE picked ME up for him and let us stay there together. What I'm asking is NOT "Am I winning the competition?". I KNOW I am. What I'm asking is, "Is this a situation that I want?" [B] What's going on here?[/B] Is he having his cake and eating it too and acting innocent about it? Would a women pick up someone's girlfriend for them, if there was anything going on? What's her motivation for doing this?

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