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[QUOTE=justmel30;4235233]bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhahahahaha! Stenolady....that creamsickle thing was the funniest stuff I've read all week! Loved it! Anywho, nobody said that your boyfriend cheats and that it's your fault. Nobody here has said anything other then what life is going to teach you yourself at some point in time. EVERYBODY over 25 will probably agree here that you can never underestimate a mans attraction level to the ugly chubo in the corner! All of us, at one point in time or another, have been slighted by somebody for somebodyelse who was less "desireable" then ourselves. However, normally if we look deep down, there was a quality of that person that far surpassed our own. For instance, a guy will normally go with the less stuck on her self, slightly older, size 12 who is not so high maintenance, then the skinny whiney mean girl who is catty and challenging on a good day. Good luck to you.

This is a silly comment. It's also creepy to think about. He does not want her. I've already told you that. Stop fantasizing.

She coming on strong and he's saying pick up my girlfriend because I want her and NOT you.

This women needs to learn how to act. It's really foolish behavior, but from the attitudes on this board, I can see why she thinks its OK. If he was more attracted to her or liked her better, then she wouldn't have to do those things, now would she? So acting like a slave to a guy and doing EVERYTHING and anything for them, means they like that person better? Excuse me? This is so silly, it's beyond silly.

If he liked her, he wouldn't be chasing after me, and so badly he's willing to use her to do it! Guys like who they chase, and that's a fact, not a desperate slave. She can keep it up all she wants, even if I dump him she will still be history within a few weeks.

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