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Re: The ex is back
Apr 27, 2010
[QUOTE=River rocks;4234394]What was the reason for the breakup? That info might help with advice here.
As for being "friends"..that can be difficult when you both still have romantic feelings.
its a slippery slope, one that very often lead to "Freinds with benefits". And from what I've seen, FWB's never leads to commitment. It only makes the pain worse because emotions get muddy.

So if you CAN truly be friends, that means no sex, no intimacy, and lines must be drawn.[/QUOTE]

We broke up because i had become extremely codependent on him and obviously he felt suffocated, when we broke up I cut off all communication with him, i completely cut him out and he was extremely hurt. He kept trying to contact me almost every month trying to get me to see him, but i always told him to simply leave me alone and not speak to me, he agreed but eventually he was trying to tell me stuff again, this was the case for 5 months and about a month ago he contacted me and i decided that i was feeling well enough to see him again and finally put everything to rest, when i went to go see him the first thing he said was that he still had feelings for me, and ever since then we have been seeing each other, as far as FWB, that's an interesting idea, I dont know much about that but our relationship isnt exactly that way, we speak everyday and see each other about 1-2 times a week, we go out on dates and basically have all the components of a couple besides the tittle. I dont know about FWB, but I suppose that in those cases it is just about sex and not much else, we're definitily not that way and i'd never agree to that anyway.

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