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[QUOTE=goingdaffy;4240908]Sorry River, I meant your boyfriend not your husband, but you know what I mean.
I wouldn't like my husband's ex girlfriends coming over to my house, are you sure you are ok with it? Have your boyfriend tell her to make a new friend![/QUOTE]

Hey Daffy,

At first, I was wary of him being friends with her. But now I know her, and I know why he is not with her. She is sweet, but she is quarky. She does not have great social skills, kind of akward. She only comes over about once every 6 months, when my boyfriend wants to be nice. (she invested a lot in him). I trust my boyfriend, and only get the "platonic" vibe between them.

None the less I wouldnt want her over when I'm not around. I think thats just a natural thing though.

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